Question: How do we get in touch with you?
    Answer: For prompt replies and urgent matter please kindly get intouch with us via direct message on Instagram or you can contact our WhatsApp business chat number at +65 88174508.

    Question: What payment channels does Paradixia accepts?
    Answer: Currently we accept Paynow or Bank Transfer (for local customers), and Paypal (for overseas customers). We are also listed on Shopee as well if you want to make a purchase via Shopee.

    Question: How long does it takes for items to be delivered?
    Answer: We will process your orders on the day itself if purchase are made before 4-5pm depending on schedule. For local orders it should take around 2-5 business days depending on delivery schedule of SingPost/Ninja Van. For overseas orders delivery time varies depending on countries & zones.

    Question: Are your Gemstones real? Where are they from?
    Answer: Yes of course! We do not deal with synthetic gemstones. Most of our natural gemstones are certified in legitimate accreditation bodies that are responsible for gem testing. Our gemstones come from several different countries such as Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Africa, Burma, Brazil, Colombia and a few others.

    Question: Why are certification done in China?
    Answer: As our gem settings are done in China, all of our gemstones are shipped and housed in China upon procuring. Depending on the price, size and the nature of the gemstones, we would either get our gemstones checked before/after gem setting. It is not cheap to get certification done, hence doing so allows us to do our certification and set our gemstones without sacrificing the quality of the product.

    Question: How do you check the quality?
    Answer: Gemstones are personally QC-ed by trusted gemstone specialist stationed in China, and on our side we would view the gemstones via private video calls to confirm on the quality. Furthermore, products would be personally QC again when they reached Singapore to ensure that we deliver the best to our clients.