Bespoke Series

    We would be sharing an example of how "customizable" it would be in the Bespoke Series. Bringing customization onto the table isn't easy as we have to work with multiple craftsmen and supplier to make it possible. However what comes out of it is the endless possibility that is tailored to your needs. From sizing to gemstone, designs and finish, you get to pick each and every detail to create what's truly yours.

    We would get in touch and connect after you'd expressed interest.

    0) Type of Jewelry
    We don't just do Ring customization. This extends to several other different types of accessories including Necklace, Earrings, Bracelets.

    1) Sizing & Dimension
    Would you like your ring to be adjustable?
    How long do you want your necklace to be?
    A fixed size for your ring instead?
    These would be some questions to ponder when we start by looking at the size & type of jewelry.

    2) Gem Stone
    You'll get to pick a gemstone of your liking, the size and shape however would be dependent on what's available in the market. Our gemstone specialist will give the best recommendation to go with your jewelry.

    3) Design
    It's time to be creative here, we encompasses most design! Feel free to send us a photo or get inspired with some designs that we have over in our store. Any design works over here so it's YOUR blank canvas to work with.

    4) Material
    We have 4 main materials to choose from:

    • Sterling Silver (18k Gold Vermeil)
    • 9k Solid Gold
    • 14k Solid Gold
    • 18k Solid Gold

    5) Color of Material
    Now it's time to finish your "look"

    • Rose Gold
    • White Gold
    • Yellow Gold


    The process of the customization varies with individual, henceforth each and every customization experience is personalized to your needs. From gemstone recommendations to personal virtual viewing, our specialist would be with you throughout the journey of creating your unique piece of natural gemstone accessories. 

    Kindly fill up the form below if you would like to learn more about our Bespoke Series!

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