Behind Our Brand Story

    In Paradixia, the 3 values that we hold dear to us are "Quality", "Uniqueness" and "Affordability". 


    Quality of our products is our top priority. For our gemstone/crystal pieces, the gemstones and crystals are personally sourced by our founder, or gem specialist. There are many areas that we appraise when sourcing for quality gemstones - the cut, the lustre, the clarity, the colour, and of course the price.

    In addition, we provide added assurance for our clients by having our pieces tested at verified gem testing centres that adhered to industry standards. This is our promise to our clients that the value is validated. Recently, we managed to acquire a means for some of our pearl products to be tested as well.

    For our bags, we also performed rigorous checks on the materials used by our suppliers to ensure the quality of the product. Ultimately, we believe in upholding transparency with our clients. Details of all the materials used in our products are disclosed in the product description. Our intent is to help our clients make informed decisions on their purchases.


    "How do we distinguish ourselves from competitors or similar brands? What's different?", you might ask. The answer lies in uniqueness. Here in Paradixia, you can literally create your dream jewellery. You can choose the design, draw something from scratch, combine different elements from different designs, choose the gemstones (cuts & sizes base on availability of supply in the market), and decorate it with as many gemstones as you want. Our dedicated jewelry designer will walk through the process with you and help you to develop a visual drawing of your own design. The base material can also be customised based on your requirements, e.g. sterling silver, 9k solid gold, 14k solid gold and 18k solid gold. Our jewelry designer also does most of the gemstone/crystal designs for our off-the-shelf pieces available in our boutique. 


    Quality and unique products would also need to be affordable. It is not cheap to have a custom piece made, to have a quality gemstone verified and for it to come with certification done would mean extra labour and logistic cost on our side. However, it is our belief in Paradixia that affordability is a crucial part of what we want to bring for our clients. Hence, our products are still priced at an affordable rate, and we do not charge a high premium. We want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to have a go at creating their own product. 

    If you made it to the very end of our brand story, a big Thank You! It is the client's appreciation of our products and empathising with us on the amount of effort that we put in to procure, create and assemble the product which makes it all worth it.

    Over here, we hope you are able to find something that calls out to you. If not, we are here to help you discover your perfect fit. So what are you waiting for?