Jewelry Maintenance with WKM

    Being Gemstones and Jewelry enthusiasts ourselves, we can never stress enough the importance of gemstones

    Here are some advantages summarized for you!

    • help treat a dark area in metalware (silver/gold)
    • user friendly and convenient
    • able to use for pearl 
    • able to clean gemstones, they will shine brighter

    Moving forward we would be touching on alittle on these 4 advantages of using a cleaning agent for your jewellery. We personally would recommend and we carry WKM Jewelry Cleaner in our store too!

    1) Treating Dark Areas in Metalware
    Oxidization is a common occurrence for silverware, and by wearing it every day we would only hasten the process of oxidation. For metalware like silver are exposed in the air for too long, they are prone to "tarnish", where the silver would become dull and discoloured. 

    Most of our jewelleries are made in sterling silver 925, and with the WKM Jewelry cleaner, we're able to remove the tarnish marks with ease!

    2) User Friendly and Convenient
    When you're using a jewellery cleaner, you would save up not only on the time but also the cost of getting a jewellery cleaning server. The user-friendliness of this makes it easy to adopt or learn! We actually covered the instructions in one of our Instagram posts: click here to learn more.

    3) Able to use for pearl 
    Own pearl products and don't know how to maintain? Simple put them together with the rest of your jewelleries in the WKM solution when you're cleaning. The solution itself is not harmful for pearls at all.

    This added convenience also allows you to holistically clean all your jewelleries at once!

    4) Brighter gemstones, however, watch out for Opals
    It is noted to some that their gemstones felt brighter after cleaner, however, do watch out for opals as they might not go as well with any form of liquid! for Opal you'll need to only and specifically clean the metal surfaces but not the gemstone itself.

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