The National Gold and Diamond Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (NGDTC) is a legal supervision of product quality authorized by the National Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. The inspection agency has a statutory, third-party impartial status, and is mainly responsible for the quality supervision and inspection of national gold, jewelry and jade products, commissioned inspections and the Shandong Provincial Department Forensic appraisal and other work.

    The administrative relationship is under the Shandong Institute of Metrology. The Quality Inspection Center has successively passed the national measurement certification, review and acceptance and laboratory accreditation. The inspection capabilities include: jewelry, jade, diamond grading, gold products, silver products, platinum products, palladium products, precious metal cladding products, cultured pearl grading, gold leaf and other jewelry, jade and precious metals inspection items. The center has an experienced and skilled professional technical team, including members of the National Jewelry Standards Committee, National Gold Standards Committee, and National Jewelry Standards Committee. Member of the Baoyu Stone Marking Committee and the Secretariat of the Shandong Gold and Jewelry Standardization Technical Committee are also affiliated to this center. The center has a variety of advanced precision analytical instruments in the world, including plasma emission spectrometer, infrared absorption spectrometer, infrared microscope, light-induced Luminescence spectrometer, ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer, X fluorescence spectrometer, laser ablation plasma spectrometer (LIBS), cathodoluminescence, automatic diamond Proportion meter, Diamond Sure, Diamond View, fire test equipment and various conventional inspection equipment, teaching equipment and samples. The center has fruitful scientific research achievements, and has undertaken more than 10 scientific research projects of the Provincial Science and Technology Department, the National Bureau and the Provincial Bureau, and has undertaken more than 20 standard revisions.

    The center obtained the provincial science and technology advancement 1 second prize and 1 third prize; 1 first prize for excellent papers from the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine; 5 third prizes for science and technology from China Jewelry Association; provincial soft science achievements 1 first prize, 2 second prizes; 2 second prizes for computer application achievements in Shandong Province. Published papers in domestic and foreign journals such as SCI, EI and core journals More than 170 articles; 8 national invention patents and more than 10 utility models; 4 monographs published. At present, the Quality Inspection Center has developed into a quality inspection organization integrating testing, scientific research and training. The work of the center is recognized by the industry and the government, and has won a variety of honorary titles: Shandong Province Quality Supervision System "Top Ten" Laboratory Title, Provincial Organizations "Women Civilization Post" title, Shandong Provincial Youth Honorable title. 

    Details Information
    Chinese Name 国家黄金钻石制品质量监督检验中心
    English Name National Gold & Diamond Testing Center
    Chinese Address 山东省济南市千佛山东路28号(山东省计量科学研究院内)
    English Address No.28, Qianfoshan East Road, Jinan, Shandong
    Phone Number 0531-82666369
    Official Website
    CNAS License Number L0854
    CMA License Number 180021112525
    GB/T Standards GB/T 16552, GB/T 16553, GB/T 18043, GB 11887


    Below is an example of the Certification of Authenticity Provided by NGDTC:

    NGDTC Certification 

    The following information is provided in the certificate:

    • Conclusion
    • Total Weight
    • Shape
    • Appearance
    • Magnification
    • Precious Metal
    • Remarks
    • Case Number
    • Case Code
    • QR Code
    • Signed by Identifier
    • Signed by Ratifier

    We managed to get quite a few photo proof of the existence of the organization during our verification process and this helps to build up the trust in NGDTC to do verification for the gemstones that we are procuring.

    NGDTC Certificate of Satisfactory

    There is also a physical photo of their certificate of satisfaction awarded to them and we verified their CNAS Licence number.

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