Zhongwei Inspection, Testing and Certification Co., Ltd., also known as: Zhongwei Jewelry and Jade Quality Testing Center, abbreviated as: NFTC, was established in 2011. It is a collection of jewelry and jade and colored gemstone testing; diamond grading, precious metal identification; jewelry laboratory construction, testing system development, instrument and equipment calibration, R&D and sales; laboratory certification and accreditation consultation; jewelry education and training; jewelry and artwork evaluation as a whole brand chain direct testing agency, which include Zhongwei (ZWJC) and Xinjiang Zhongshou (XJZS) , Qinghai Guoshou (GSJC), International Color Gem Research Institute (IGA) and many other brands.

    Institutional nature

    Zhongwei Jewelry and Jade Quality Testing Center is committed to building a public testing service merchant platform, promoting cross-regional inspections in different places, and realizing the concept of harmonious development and cooperation with the industry, consumers and society for a win-win situation. Since its establishment, it has been adhering to the principles of science, fairness, accuracy and efficiency, and will never be influenced by commercial interests and outsiders. It strictly implements national standards and inspection procedures, ensures customer information is kept confidential, and maintains the authority, independence and impartiality of third-party inspection agencies. The company’s corporate responsibility, issuance of accurate and authoritative inspection reports and certificates, builds a bridge between product quality and consumer safety and trust for customers. The company also plays a great role in regulating the market and safeguarding the rights and interests of consumers, while establishing a good corporate image and reputation.

    Development path

    At present, more than 20 testing laboratories have been established in the origin of gemstones such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanyang, Zhengzhou, Sihui, Pingzhou, Urumqi, Korla, Ruili, Lianyungang, Changle, Xining, Thailand, etc. The laboratories have been certified and authorized by the local quality supervision and inspection agency, and have obtained the CMA inspection qualification certificate. They are impartial and independent third-party jewelry testing laboratories, and the reports and certificates issued by them have legal effect.

    Professional technical advantage

    The Zhongwei Jewelry and Jade Quality Inspection Center has more than 100 experts and professors who have been engaged in jewelry education in universities for many years and more than 100 jewelry appraisers with first-line appraisal and testing experience. Among them, there are more than 20 national registered inspectors, and more than 80 jewelry appraisers and diamond graders such as GIC, GAC, NGTC, FGA, etc. The center has more than 500 gem identification instruments such as Burier transform infrared spectrometer, X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, ultraviolet-visible light-near infrared spectrometer, automatic diamond cutting scale meter, diamond rapid identification instrument, gem microscope, etc. The total value of the equipment is about 20 million yuan. The sophisticated team, advanced equipment, strong professional knowledge, and scientific management enable NFTC to provide a powerful technical guarantee for the objectivity and accuracy of the gems and jade testing and scientific research work.

    Details Information
     Chinese Name 中维检验检测认证股份有限公司
    English Name China Victoria Diamond and Jade Quality Inspection Center (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Weifang Branch
    Chinese Address 山东省潍坊市昌乐县中国宝石城一路619号 商住楼一层41号商铺
    English Address Booth 41, Floor 1, Commercial and Residential Building, No.619, China Gem Mall 1st Road, Changle County, Weifang, Shandong
    Phone Number 400-6852-315
    Official Website
    CMA License Number 191521340430
    GB/T Standards GB/T 16552, GB/T 16553


    Below is an example of the Certification of Authenticity Provided by NFTC:

     NFTC Certificates

    The following information is provided in the certificate:

    • Result of Identification
    • Total Mass
    • Color
    • Shape
    • Magnification Test
    • UV-visible Spectrum
    • Remarks
    • Case Number
    • QR Code
    • Signed by Identifier
    • Signed by Inspector

    Prior to working closely with NFTC, we did a thorough research on their location and verified that they are not a shell company. On top of that we also checked the codes represented in their certificates.

    GB/T 16552 and GB/T 16553 are the standard numerical codes recognised in the gemmological industry. Both of them represent the standard codes for gem testing. GB/T 16552 stands for Gems - Nomenclature (unidentified gems and also jade), while GB/T 16553 would meant Gems - Testing. The former would meant the handling of such materials before it was identified and the latter would be the test conducted to identify them. Links are included below for reference.

    Information for GB/T 16652
    Information for GB/T 16652



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