GRC (Gem Research Center)

    GRC (Gem Research Center)

    Certifications are costly, and most gemstones/jewelry store would rather avoid it to cut cost. In Paradixia we believe in delivering quality not just through the eyes and the look of the gemstone, but also a certified grade to give that extra assurance that you'll be getting the best quality for dollar.

    As a method of practice, we would be introducing global certification for more expensive gemstones. The reason for global certifications not only adds on to the credibility of the gemstones, but also to ensure that our gemstones are of a certain grade/color!

    A global gem testing have it's perks, and afew notable ones would be the clearer English version of the certification, together with an accurate dimension and the color.Β 

    The color segment where one would look out for would be the type of "color" termed in the gem trade. For example, "Watermelon Tourmaline", or "Rubellite".

    Even though the name of a global certification sounds more attractive, it is however could be troublesome when there are alot of "clones" or "fake" certifications. Some use/share addresses over with different gem testing institutes, while others ride on the same brand name with an unrecognized URL.

    We're glad that our gem testing partners and craftsmen have recommendations and we also do our due diligence to get it check. The one that would be shared in our blog post today would be the Gem Research Center, a global intuition that's been operating since 2005.

    It'll show up first when you google for "GRC Gemstone as well"

    GRC Gemstone Google

    We also did our due diligence to make sure that the gem testing center really does physically exist. Our team over in China also do help reconfirm the fact by checking out their booth and also their physical office.

    One thing to note for the GRC Certification would be the differences in the look of the certification due to the different branches that the certification is done. Below are some details that we would like to share about GRC

    Details Information
    English Name Gem Research Center
    Location Beijing, Guangzhou, Thailand, Colombo
    Address Varies address across the world
    Official Website
    Certification Booklet and Hard CardΒ 
    Identification Style ID Number & QR Code
    Important Details Identification, Weight, Dimension, Color, Cut, Shape and Comments
    Specialty Comment which reflects color grade in trades. Location also available at a premium price.



    Paradixia GRC Certificate

    Β Paradixia GRC Certificate

    Paradixia GRC Certificate

    Paradixia GRC Certificate


    The functions of the gemstone mainly determines the color (which also determines the grade) of the gemstone, and also the more accurate dimension of the gemstone itself.

    And once we have finished our product, we would do an additional certifications from NFTC, aΒ  recognized national jewel certification intuition. This is to show that our product adheres to all national standards and to further back our quality.

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