Gemstone Pieces Creation

    Gemstone Pieces Creation

     Here are the procedures on how we go about crafting 

    Step 1: We begin by sourcing for good gemstones.

    This is done by private viewing and also bidding of gemstones located in different parts of the world through various platforms. We begin our procuring process during this phase. Our gemstone specialist will handpick gemstones with great lustre and quality across various sources to sieve out great for value purchases.


    Step 2: Getting them altogether

    After paying through our agent, we will ship all of the gemstones to be housed at our warehouse overseas, in China. We chose to centre our operations within China in order to keep the cost low. We are not in the business of doing wholesale retail. All of our products are specially curated and designed and we strived to ensure quality while still keeping the cost relatively affordable despite the premium make.

    We have very detailed and thorough communications with our craftsmen to ensure that our designs are crafted exactly the way we wanted it. We will cover the types of material to be used, the intricacies of the design, the exact type of accompanying stones to be used, right down to the exact placement of the main stone in the setting. After taking in the modifications, the designs will be finalized and we will start the crafting process!


    Step 3: Gemstones Certification

    Once the product is done, it would undergo a thorough quality control check, where we make sure the product is crafted according to our exact design and the gemstones are properly mounted. Once the product passes the checks, we will send it to our verified gem testing partners for the authenticity certificates to be done. The certificates issued by our partners are all recognised by industry standards. Our agent will verify the certificates once they are issued before arranging for shipping to Singapore. 


    Step 4: Shipment to Paradixia!

    Product would be packed and shipped after one last round of checks to make sure that the product isn't damaged during the gem testing process. Upon reaching our Paradixia office in Singapore, we would proceed to check the product for again and perform thorough cleaning of the products before allowing them to be used for product shoot, marketing or for client's viewing.

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