Paradixia Nezuko Demon Slayer Ring

    Design Stories: Nezuko

    Nezuko's probably one of the most popular anime characters around, with the likes of Levi, Kirito, Naruto and several others in the realm of Japanese Pop Culture.

    It was a tough challenge, bringing this piece to life as we worked on several prototypes before settling on this design. Wanting something that is ore subtle yet, it gives off the same charm that Nezuko have cast across our hearts in Demon Slayer.

    The story of this piece comes in 3 different parts, the shape of Nezuko as a character, and how triangles seem to be an essential design shape used in the different parts of her. From the shape of her built to her ribbons and the shapes on her kimono, all encompass such shapes to some degree.

    The band itself are made with a touch of the green cubic zirconia, which is theΒ "trademark" of Nezuko; the bamboo that she's biting on, that keeps humans safe with her. It was a strange juxtapose as if we're restraining certain parts of ourselves to be able to fit in the society. Banding around our fingers like a mortal reminder, like a rubber band on the wrist, slapping ourselves back to reality.

    We decided to go with a more unique shape for the centerpiece, which brings us to this triangular pink tourmaline. It was a challenge, taking the cut and the inner cut itself, as we had chosen the one with the best quality together with the facet that best resembles the cut on her Kimono.

    The hairband was a pretty literal one, taken from what Nezuko's always wearing. It was also a tiny reminder of our innocence, as her how the hairband is worn by a "child". Perhaps this could mean hope, and love to some others who may find themselves more relatable to the character herself.

    It was definitely a challenge creating this piece, and we're more than happy to bring this one to life, together with a story to tell.

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