CGRL: Colored Gemstone Research Laboratory

    CGRL: Colored Gemstone Research Laboratory

    At Paradixia, we take pride in offering exquisite gemstone jewelry crafted with precision and passion. As part of our commitment to quality and authenticity, we have embarked on a journey to explore alternative methods for gemstone verification. In collaboration with our trusted gemstone dealer, we have recently discovered a new approach that holds immense promise.

    Our gemstone dealer, who possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience, recommended a unique location for gemstone verification. CGRL, also known as the Colored Gemstone Research Laboratory, specialises in colored gemstones. Of course we'd made a trip to physically verifythe loation! Nestled within a vibrant jewelry street in China, this venue has piqued our curiosity. What sets it apart is the fact that three out of the four recorded establishments in this area specialize in gemstones. 

    The website used for verification boasts an "https" protocol, offering peace of mind to both us and our valued customers. With online security being a paramount concern, this aspect significantly contributes to the credibility of the verification process; plus a legit QR code linked to the gemstones. By scanning the QR code associated with each gemstone, we were able to validate their authenticity and origin. The seamless integration of technology and gemstone verification assures us that we are employing a robust and reliable method.

    To further validate the effectiveness of this alternative method, we discovered that a registered gemstone jewelry business in Hong Kong has also embraced this approach. The fact that another reputable entity within the industry recognizes the value and reliability of this verification avenue strengthens our confidence in its efficacy.

    As we continue to enhance our commitment to quality, this newfound place of gemstone verification ensures that our customers can trust in the authenticity and integrity of every Paradixia gemstone jewelry piece.

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