Beijing Quality Inspection and Certification Association China Quality Trustworthy Jewelry Testing Center belongs to the member governing unit of Beijing Quality Inspection and Certification Association. Beijing Quality Inspection and Certification Association is in charge of the Beijing Municipal Association Office, and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision is the superior business guidance department. A professional association composed of quality inspection agencies, consulting and certification agencies, enterprises and institutions, and quality management and inspection workers in the city. The center's jewelry testing laboratory has passed (Beijing Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau Metrology Certification), and the laboratory jewelry testing personnel are all graduated from domestic jewelry professional colleges and have the qualifications of jewelry appraisers, including national registered jewelry and jade quality inspectors ( CGC), International Diamond Grading Division (HRD), and many Chinese Gemstone Association Jewelry Appraisers (GAC) and other professional and technical personnel.

    The laboratory has advanced and complete jewelry and jade testing instruments and equipment, and carries out the testing of jewelry and jade in strict accordance with the nationally promulgated testing standards for jewelry and jade. The scope of services includes the testing and testing of various gems, jade, synthetic gems, and artificial gems. Testing services and consulting services for various gemstone rough stones, and issuing qualified identification certificates and testing reports.

    Fairness statement: The quality policy of this testing center is "scientific, fair, accurate, and efficient", namely: scientific methods, strict implementation of testing standards to ensure the scientific nature of testing; fair behavior, strict compliance with professional ethics, to ensure the fairness of testing behavior; and strictly implements the testing procedures to ensure that the testing results are accurate and reliable; work efficiently and complete the samples sent by customers on time. Take data as the basis and use laws, standards and norms as the criteria to ensure the authenticity, reliability and fairness of the test results. In testing activities, laboratory testing personnel must strictly abide by relevant national laws and regulations, follow the principles of objective independence, fairness, fairness, and honesty, abide by professional ethics, and assume social responsibilities. In order to ensure that the testing center provides high-quality and efficient testing services to the society, the following statement is hereby made:

    1. The top management of the testing center promises not to intervene in any form of testing work to ensure the fairness and independence of testing work;

    2. The laboratory strictly implements jewelry testing activities in accordance with the relevant testing standards promulgated by the state. Inspectors impartially in the test, speak with data, are not affected by any administrative, economic and other pressures, and resolutely resist behaviors that hinder the fairness of the test;

    3. The testing center takes a scientific and fair attitude towards all clients and conducts testing independently;

    4. This testing center guarantees that it is obliged to keep confidential the state secrets, commercial secrets, and technical secrets learned during the testing activities, and effectively protect customer confidential information and ownership;

    5. Testing personnel shall not engage in or participate in any part-time and technical cooperation activities that may reduce credibility, fairness, operational honesty and credibility;

    6. Testing personnel must have good professional ethics and behaviors, do not give or accept bribes, and must not engage in all communication activities that hinder the fairness and justice of testing. The testing center sincerely accepts supervision from all parties in the society. 

    Details Information
    Chinese Name 北京质量检验认证协会
    English Name Bei Jing Association of Quality Inspection Certificate Governing Unit
    Chinese Name 2 中质信诚珠宝检测中心
    English Name 2 Zhong Zhi Xin Cheng Jewelry Testing Center
    Chinese Address 北京市朝阳区十里河文化园A座一层HJ-7,HF-20
    English Address Room HJ-7, HF-20 Block A, ShiLiHe Cultural Park, Chaoyang District Beijing
    Phone Number 010-87364746
    Official Website
    CNAS License Number L9913
    CMA License Number 160121340244
    GB/T Standards GB/T 16552, GB/T 16553, GB/T 16554, GB/T 18043, GB 11887


    Below is an example of the certification of Authenticity Provided by BJZZXC:

     BJZZXC Certification

    The following information is provided in the certificate:

    • Conclusion
    • Customer Code
    • Color
    • Total Mass
    • Magnification
    • Precious Metal
    • QR Code
    • Case Number
    • Case Code
    • Signed by Tester
    • Signed by Supervisor

    BJXXZC is a Gem Testing center that is both CNAS and CMA verified. They also provided 2 types of numerical identification system (case code and case number) for verification. BJXXZC adheres to the 5 standards for testing which include diamond grading and the handling of jewellery, together with the handling and testing of Natural Gemstones.

    BJZZXC CNAS English Certification

    We also checked the details of their English and Chinese physical certificates against the verified CNAS number to ascertain the authenticity of their certificates for their laboratories. 


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