Bespoke Stories: Nephilim

    Bespoke Stories: Nephilim

    It was a joy to create this piece with Ian, one of our friends who's not just been supportive but an amazing friend as well.

    The concept around the design of this is simple, a blue apatite with an amazing shine, and something minimalistic but stands out.

    Looking at the design of the ring itself, it felt as if it is made for Ian himself. Being a gentle giant in the real life with an occasional soft chuckle, Ian is a gentleman who at times could come at us with endless surprise. From his cheeky sense of humor and his out of the world memes, you may think twice if you think he's just a guy!

    Moving back to the design itself, we design to give it a sleek touch, yet wanting to give abit of an edge to it, so (why not) as literal as it is, added some edge? Framing the blue apatite like a giant portrait in its mansion, we decided to not smoothen the band but instead made it literally edgy. It felt like something is missing at first, but it was until we add the texture across the sides, which in turn really brings out the apatite in many ways.

    Holding out the ring with his fingers, you really do notice how the design really made the apatite pops out, like a pop-out children book as you can also see abit of the crown holding on the sides of the apatite.

    Nephilim really fits the whole description and feel of the ring. Like giants holding up the spectacular gemstones, being here for us like pillars in our lives; just like the bearer of the ring itself.

    Thank you again for creating this custom piece with us!

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