Bespoke Piece: A Garden on my Finger

    Bespoke Piece: A Garden on my Finger

    I’d always been looking out for new avenues to dive into arts or to elevate myself as an artist. From using different/unusual art mediums to street photography, I enjoy experiencing an array of different forms of art.

    Unexpected I may have picked up jewelry design along your way, and I’ll love to share my experience and story here. I manage to encourage a close friend of mine to follow her dreams of venturing into the unknown, and before we know it she’s now a proud owner of a humble gemstone startup.

    Procuring each stone uniquely allow us to give them all a story, to give more dimensions to the product, to have the best quality instead of rummaging them through the wholesale bag. I never thought I’d adore a gemstone until I really saw one looking right back at me in the eyes.

    “Do you want to try designing a ring?”, she asked as there’s a client who’s interested in a custom piece.

    And I took that chance.

    It was a leap of faith, for I’d never had any experience in jewelry design. I took the time to learn the different structurally possible designs, how the gemstones are held, and how they are being made by the craftsmen.

    I drew a few, inspired by the whimsical forest of wonderland, with its gemstones glittering across the vines. I love how the inconsistency of the thickness gave a touch of the perfect imperfection, and the subtle gems across the ring gave it a gentle touch on the tranquility of beauty.
    It was nevertheless an effort to contrast beauty, in a shape of love, as for how one should always see with their hearts and not their eyes. The loud reminder act as the centerpiece, yet the vines come together, binding it across the wearer’s finger like a reminder from the universe.

    Perhaps it’s the story that I’d love to tell when I’m creating, and perhaps the client’s requirement gave me this inspiration to send a message together with the ring, like an effort to tell a story through a message in a bottle; hoping someone would see this and feel relayed to it.

    To embrace, to wear our heart on our sleeve, to love, and to embrace all the little things that make up a person… subtly, all the gears and cogs that make a person tick... I feel this is ultimately a piece that shares more than what one would see; as ironic as it is.

    Draft Drawing for Paradixia

    I heard the whispers from the universe come alive as I held up the ring when it’s here. After months of adjustment and waiting, we finally created a perfect fit and finalized design that align all the stars together. I held the ring up across the light and saw the tiny gems speaking to me as if I’m looking at the cityscape from the top of the mountain at 4 am. The playful occasional gleams, as if trying to get my attention.

    I smiled to myself, before returning the ring to the case after admiring it.

    “How’s it?”

    Paradixia Custom Ring Front
    Paradixia Custom Ring Side
    “It’s beautiful”

    Collab: Paradixia
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