Beijing Cug Gem Testing Center

    Beijing Cug Gem Testing Center

    Beijing Cug Gem Testing Center  Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Beijing Cug Gem Testing Center) is a subsidiary unit of China University of Geosciences (Beijing). It is established in the campus of China University of Geosciences (Beijing) and has been approved by the Haidian Branch of Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce. Registered and formally established in April 2012, a company limited by shares with independent legal person status.

    Its predecessor, "Beijing Diversity Gem Testing Center", was the earliest institution engaged in jewelry appraisal and research in China. The center passed the National Laboratory Accreditation (CNAS) for the first time in December 2001, the registration number is CNAS L1203; in June 2002, it passed the National Metrology Accreditation (CMA) for the first time, the number is 2013002154Z, and began to carry out standardized and international laboratory construction and management. 

    The center's mission is to be based on scientific methodology, and provide fair, rigorous, and accurate quality in the issuance of gem identification certificates to the society. The services provided by the center include:

    (i) gem identification and improvement of testing methods,
    (ii) method research of new materials,
    (iii) development, promotion and application of gem testing equipment,
    (iv) gem inspection,
    (v) consultancy advice
    (vi) personnel training.

    However despite being linked to a University, we also do our due diligence of running a background check on them.

    Details Information
    Chinese Name 北京中地大珠宝鉴定中心
    English Name Beijing CUG Gem Testing Center
    Chinese Address 北京市海淀区学院路29号,中国地质大学(南翼楼)305室
    English Address No. 29, Xue Yuan Road, Haidan District Beijing
    Phone Number (86-10)82323039   
    Official Website
    CNAS License Number L1203
    CMA License Number 160010342154
    GB/T Standards GB/T 16552, GB/T 16553, GB/T 18043, GB 11887


    Below is an example of the certification of Authenticity Provided by Beijing Cug Gem:


    The following information is provided in the certificate:

    • Identified Results
    • Total Weight
    • Cutting Style
    • Refractive Index
    • Density
    • Optical Character
    • Magnification Test
    • Precious Metal
    • Remarks
    • Case Number
    • QR Code
    • Signed by Identifier
    • Signed by Supervisor

    From our research, we confirmed that the Beijing Cug Gem Testing Center also does the standardized handling of jewellery and natural gemstones. Being situated near to the university also helped us to verify that the center is in operation. The CNAS License number together with the website also confirmed the legitimacy of this testing center.

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